Profitable Gardening (Part 1): Intro to Market Gardening

What is Market Gardening?

Picture this…

William and Margaret Gardener are planning to expand their garden this year. After two successful seasons, they’ve learned how to get more out of their tomatoes and cucumber plants. Margaret wants to invest in some gardening infrastructure, but William thinks it’s going to be too expensive. After doing some research, they decide that by growing extra this year, they can sell some of their crops to cover the cost of their investment. Sure, they shared their surplus with neighbors and family but never before had they pictured themselves selling at a farmer’s market.

Growing extra and selling at the Farmers’ Market allows Margaret to have her big garden and William to have money in his pocket.

By expanding their garden to include all of their favorite vegetables and investing in season extending infrastructure, the Gardeners are able to break their dependence on the grocery store, remove chemicals from their diet, and improve their quality of life. Growing extra and selling at the Farmers’ Market allows Margaret to have her big garden and William to have money in his pocket. Now, William and Margaret are Market Gardeners.

Whether you are on 20 acres, one acre, or have a backyard in a suburban community, you can become a Market Gardener and we want to show you how. This is a seven part series that will explore Market Gardening, Homesteading, and how to make the two work hand in hand.



Here’s a quick look at our full Profitable Gardening series:

Part 1: Intro to Market Gardening
Part 2: Intro to Homesteading
Part 3: Intro to Permaculture
Part 4: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Soil
Part 5: Useful Farm Tools
Part 6: Farming Mistakes I’ve Made and How to Avoid Them
Part 7: How to Get Started & Resources



We hope you enjoyed part one of our Profitable Gardening series and come back next Tuesday for Part Two where we will discuss an Intro to Homesteading.
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Mat & Ann

18 thoughts on “Profitable Gardening (Part 1): Intro to Market Gardening

  1. ❤ I love that quote. I grew up with a garden. Now that I live in a city, I miss it dearly. Can't wait until I have space for a garden of my own.


    1. A small scale garden can make it much easier and more affordable to go for super high quality. Stay in touch, we will be delving into ideas that can really be scaled down to match anyone’s space.


  2. I write a blog for Millennials that is focused on how to adult. I’ve been wanting to do a post on gardening and giving simple step-by-steps on how to start your own mini garden, even if it’s on your window sill. Do you have any tips for me or would you be interested in working with me to create an article I can feature on my blog? You can visit my blog at All my contact information is on the Contact Me! page.
    Great post, BTW. I’m excited to learn more!


    1. Thank you. I am interested in getting more people excited about small gardening. I’ll check out your page, and see about how we can come up with a tutorial.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. If you feed the soil, the soil will return the flavor. There’s a lot you can do with a bit of prep work and some research behind you.


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