Create and Play with Me 1

In today’s episode of Create and Play Minecraft with Me, Fair Katrenelje will teach you the basics of Minecraft. Watch her make her way through her first day in survival mode. Afterward, watch her be a chicken whisperer and feed her adorable goats.

Print this Apples and Peanut Butter recipe and join us today!


Welcome to the littlest Filled Cup blog member’s segment of our Filled Cup Youtube Channel!

Going by her screen name: Fair Katrenelje, she is a 6-year-old girl who lives on a farm, loves to read, learn, and play Minecraft! In this segment, you will get to either make a craft or snack with her as well as enjoy some Minecraft time. You’ll also get to meet her awesome farm animals!

Filled Cup’s goal in creating this channel is to provide a safe space for children to watch and learn with another child just like them. The internet can be a dangerous place for children. We hope to be a positive light to young viewers.

7 thoughts on “Create and Play with Me 1

  1. Hahaha so sweet! When I was an au-pair one of the boys used to play Minecraft so often. So nice to see this reminder 🙂


  2. One of my nephews talks about Minecraft all day! Sometimes I barely understand him! 😂 I love the fact you want to inspire other young minds! And yes, the internet can be a dangerous place!


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