Dear Blogger, Don’t Be Discouraged

It’s 2:00 am. You have dedicated your heart and soul into this post. Sleep is out of the question because you are feeling inspired by the content you are talking about. After you’ve completed your masterpiece, you go to sleep feeling nervous but excited and determined all at the same time about your upcoming post going live.

Morning hits and you turn on your computer, access your blog, and POST. You are feeling pretty good about it. You’re also feeling nervous, but overall good. It’s day three since the post has been live and no one has noticed it. The purpose you felt so strongly about is now, slowly but surely, slipping away.

I want to share with you two of my fears as a new blogger and ways to overcome them. Now, I am no expert, but I hope you’ll come out of this realizing you are not alone in those feelings.

Fear No. 1 – No one cares about my content.

Reality: Many have not seen it yet! It is so true. If you are a new blogger, I’m sure you’re familiar with SEO. You can’t exactly study SEO in one day and rank the next. It takes time and so much patience to pop up into search engines. Don’t feel that your content is not worth writing about. There is always someone interested in what you have got to say, you just haven’t found them yet.

Possible solutions: Join blogger support groups in forums or Facebook to help get your content out there. Advertise on social media and utilize hashtags. Engage in other blogger’s posts to bring some attention to yourself as well as create possible supportive friendships.

Write. Just write. You can always fix bad pages but you can't fix NO pages.

Fear No. 2 – My friends are not supportive.

Reality: Just because you go off on this venture and announce it to your friends, it does not mean they will be your biggest fans. There could be so many reasons for this but here are just four possible reasons:

  1. Quite frankly, they might not be interested in the content you are putting out. Don’t be offended. Everyone has different taste and you might even find that if they begin blogging one day, you feel the same way about their work.
  2. They are busy! I don’t know about you, but being a mom, a lot of my friends are also mothers with lives full of little ones. Just because you are consumed with blogging, that doesn’t mean they are consumed with reading your blog.
  3. They don’t know how to support you. This is very true for so many. Many times, friends and family don’t know how to support you. Simple solution for this? Talk to them! Ask them to share, or engage in your posts. Maybe you need encouraging text messages now and then or a pep talk once a week. Be sincere and clear that you want their support and how.
  4. They probably don’t even realize you’ve put content out! Yes, this happens! In this busy world, there is so much content already being thrown at your friends and family. Don’t let yours get lost in the mix by contacting them when you have new content up. By doing this, you also show your friends and family that their input and support means a lot to you.

Look, in a world of flying pigs and unicorns, everyone would support everyone and know just the right way to do it. This is not that world. Don’t feel entitled to support from your friends and family and cause that to create a bitterness in your heart! If you really want their support, reach out to them. A blogger friend of mine suggested that when I was feeling discouraged and she couldn’t have been more correct. (Thank you!)



When my mind is feeling clouded by all of my doubts, I try and remind myself why I am doing this. In everything we do, I believe it’s important to lay out your reasons for doing them. That is why I created a simple PDF printable just for you. Use this printable to lay down the reasons you are doing what you are doing. Once you’ve completed it, put it somewhere visible. When you start having doubts again, read it out loud to yourself!

Why I'm doing this

Click Here to Download the “Why I Am Doing This” PDF Printable


Lastly, I cannot emphasize this enough, but don’t forget to take time away from the computer to get some fresh air, love on your loved ones, and fill your cup. There’s no other therapy like getting hugs from my daughter and encouragement from my husband.


With so much love,

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Now, I want to share an inspirational video that helped me get out of bed last week. I hope it can pour some inspiration into your life.
Dream – Motivational Video


What are some of your struggles today? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

A Little Monday Lift: Called to Blog

A Little Monday Lift

Called To Blog

Last week, did you feel unsure about your future? At any point, did you talk badly about yourself and your recent decisions? Guess what? You’re not alone. Often, we hear voices in our head telling us our dreams are worthless. The voice says, “Give up, right now. Don’t waste more of your time. Just turn around and never look back.”
When my husband and I started this journey of leaving the city and moving forward to a small-town farm life, it was scary. There we were; your typical family of three in a little suburban town. My husband worked with the union when there was work and we got by fairly well.
I knew my husband had desires in his heart to do more with the earth in a fulfilling way. He desired a farm, farm animals, more time with his family, and more time to work with his hands. For a long time, it kept me up at night. I wanted to make his dream come true. He filled our family’s life with so much joy and so much selflessness. I wanted to make his dream become a reality. Sure, we could have waited until he retired, but we are not guaranteed tomorrow. We are barely even guaranteed today. We wanted to take action now.

Sure, we could have waited until he retired, but we are not guaranteed tomorrow. We are barely even guaranteed today.

I began researching ways that we could make those dreams come true. I researched home based jobs, online jobs, and pyramid scheme company jobs. I even tried options like selling sewn crafts and homemade Lumpia and selling on Etsy, but it wasn’t enough to get us by and just did not feel quite right.

That was when it happened: I felt called to blog. To most, it seems like a crazy idea to give up a fairly stable life to join the rest of the community of bloggers with different ideas.
What was my thought process for a year and a half after I felt that call? There are a lot of bloggers, why will someone want to read what I write? My friends and family will think I’m crazy and desperate for attention. It’s a risky idea and very likely won’t bring in any revenue. Worst of all, no one will read it and I’ll give up everything for nothing.
Then, I came to a realization. All of my favorite bloggers are people too. They are humans who had a thought or idea, then typed it up for the world to read. These successful bloggers that I have put on a pedestal are just like me and my husband; real people. If they can do it, why can’t we?

These successful bloggers that I have put on a pedestal are just like me and my husband; real people.

Just because we started blogging, does that mean we are immediately bringing in revenue? No. It takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of social marketing, creativity, and time invested. Will we regret our decision later? No, because we thought and unyieldingly prayed over our dream and we’ve accepted that if blogging does not pan out, maybe its purpose was to pull us away from our previous, less fulfilling life. Most of all, we asked God for direction, he showed the way, and we trusted and followed, so everything else is history.

My point in sharing this is to encourage the dreamer, or maybe even blogger in you to go for it. If you have felt a pull and calling to do something different with your life, but comfort and fear are keeping you grounded, know that your situation will not change if you don’t start moving. The first step is sometimes the most difficult. Take that first step and gain some momentum, and then watch yourself go!
If you’ve already begun pursuing your dreams and are in the thick of it, I hope I can help reaffirm that you are going in the right direction. Have you found that maybe the dream you’re pursuing isn’t what you want after all? Use this experience as a special moment in life that led you closer to your purpose. Time invested in fulfilling dream is never time wasted.
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May your days be filled with things that nurture your soul and fill your cup.

With so much love,

 This week’s uplifting song is:
Disclaimer: I do not feel that selling sewn crafts, food items, and pyramid scheme companies are impossible jobs to make a living out of, nor do I believe that you can’t live a fulfilling life doing them. Hindsight, it was just not my calling. If you are being pulled to do any of those, I hope you listen to the calling and go for it. Take that first step.

I have a prayer request!


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Our Filled Cup


DON’T FORGET to watch our first YouTube video at the end of this blog.

Good morning to our readers!

As we stated on our very first blog post, we wanted to reserve this space to document everything. We wanted to document our successes and our failures. Well, here we are, ready to share with you again. Today, we want to share our hope for this blog and our new YouTube channel.

Why are we blogging?

The road to success only seems dark if it’s clouded by your fears.

We want to document our journey on this blog because we feel very fortunate to have been able to take the steps we did towards our dream and we wish to share and inspire others to do the same. Just eight months ago, California was our home. Our hopes and dreams for our future were uncertain. We never thought we’d be where we are today. Surely, you have heard of the term wage slave before. As blessed as we were to have a promising career that could lead our family to a fairly stable future, it didn’t feel right. The hours and energy spent on the clock weren’t fulfilling. We had a desire for more (or some would say, less). We wanted a fulfilling life of growing our own food and living closer to God’s beautiful world.

Cocoa bird

Have you ever studied the behavior of chickens? When a momma hen goes broody, (broody is a term used to describe a hen that wants to incubate her eggs) she spends the majority of her days meticulously rearranging her nest and rotating her eggs to ensure that each egg is equally warmed on all sides. She may even pluck feathers off of her body so she can use her warm skin to warm the eggs. Aside from leaving the nest for a little sustenance a few times a day, she will sit on her eggs all day and all night. After they’ve hatched, she will raise and teach them the ways of the chicken and protect them.

Broody momma hen warming her three chicks (Yes, there are three hiding in her feathers!)

Often, you’ll notice a discoloring in her comb and waddle due to her lack of nutrients. During feeding time, she will use her beak to sweep away food from a feeder so her chicks can have them. She’ll even pick up a treat that she loves, only to drop it for her babies to eat. She will also protect these chicks from the rest of the flock’s pecking order. This momma hen will continue her motherly ways until she is not needed anymore. Soon, the chicks will hit what we call their “teenage” weeks and pull away from momma hen, which in turn lets momma hen know that her time with them has come. How beautiful is that?

Now, imagine a little chick that’s been hatched in a mechanical incubator and raised without a mother. One day, when she goes broody, chicks are carefully slipped under her to trick her into taking them in as her own. Will she then know how to teach her babies how to eat, drink, and stay safe? If she had no experience being raised by her momma, will she be able to successfully raise these chicks on her own? The answer? Yes, it happens all the time! We witnessed just that after we slipped three chicks under our broody hen. Watching our broody momma love and nurture the babies was truly magical.

We are where we are today because we witnessed something so beautiful in our chickens that left us in awe. We wanted more. We wanted to be able to raise our daughter around more nature and go forward to the days of farming. A self-sustaining life was our ideal.

So many people ask us, “Why Minnesota?” To tell you the truth, we prayed and God led. There is no better way to answer that question than that. Specifically, we prayed for God to place us where we could bless others; a place where we could serve. God was faithful.

To sum it up, we gave up our comfortable life in California to take a leap of faith. Fear of the unknown and worry about the lack of financial security kept us caged, but we chose to fight it because we knew that our cup could be filled. And so, that is why we decided to call this blog “Filled Cup”. A filled cup is not a goal to us, but a mindset. Though we may not always feel like our cup is filled, we always remember that ultimately, our cup has already been filled and will stay full as long as we have a heart of contentment. By staying humble and grateful for the little things, we won’t have a need for more.

Are you feeling pulled to do something more with your life? Do you desire more? Ask yourself, what is stopping you? Now, it may not be a move to another state or a move altogether. Maybe you’ve been putting off going back to school, applying for that new job, quitting your job to stay home with the kids, starting that small business, ending that toxic relationship, courting that cute girl, starting a garden, putting the house on the market, or starting a blog. Whatever it may be, we hope you don’t let fear stop you from taking steps forward and that you fill your cup.

Thank you for stopping by!

Tomorrow, we will begin we will begin part one of our homestead/market gardening series. Then, stay tuned for some homeschool freebies and a post from “Anxious Anna”. You also don’t want to miss a little entertaining video from our littlest contributor (our 6-year-old) coming soon.

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May your day be filled with things that nurture your soul and fill your cup.

We hope you enjoy our little video below.