A Little Monday Lift: Called to Blog

A Little Monday Lift

Called To Blog

Last week, did you feel unsure about your future? At any point, did you talk badly about yourself and your recent decisions? Guess what? You’re not alone. Often, we hear voices in our head telling us our dreams are worthless. The voice says, “Give up, right now. Don’t waste more of your time. Just turn around and never look back.”
When my husband and I started this journey of leaving the city and moving forward to a small-town farm life, it was scary. There we were; your typical family of three in a little suburban town. My husband worked with the union when there was work and we got by fairly well.
I knew my husband had desires in his heart to do more with the earth in a fulfilling way. He desired a farm, farm animals, more time with his family, and more time to work with his hands. For a long time, it kept me up at night. I wanted to make his dream come true. He filled our family’s life with so much joy and so much selflessness. I wanted to make his dream become a reality. Sure, we could have waited until he retired, but we are not guaranteed tomorrow. We are barely even guaranteed today. We wanted to take action now.

Sure, we could have waited until he retired, but we are not guaranteed tomorrow. We are barely even guaranteed today.

I began researching ways that we could make those dreams come true. I researched home based jobs, online jobs, and pyramid scheme company jobs. I even tried options like selling sewn crafts and homemade Lumpia and selling on Etsy, but it wasn’t enough to get us by and just did not feel quite right.

That was when it happened: I felt called to blog. To most, it seems like a crazy idea to give up a fairly stable life to join the rest of the community of bloggers with different ideas.
What was my thought process for a year and a half after I felt that call? There are a lot of bloggers, why will someone want to read what I write? My friends and family will think I’m crazy and desperate for attention. It’s a risky idea and very likely won’t bring in any revenue. Worst of all, no one will read it and I’ll give up everything for nothing.
Then, I came to a realization. All of my favorite bloggers are people too. They are humans who had a thought or idea, then typed it up for the world to read. These successful bloggers that I have put on a pedestal are just like me and my husband; real people. If they can do it, why can’t we?

These successful bloggers that I have put on a pedestal are just like me and my husband; real people.

Just because we started blogging, does that mean we are immediately bringing in revenue? No. It takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of social marketing, creativity, and time invested. Will we regret our decision later? No, because we thought and unyieldingly prayed over our dream and we’ve accepted that if blogging does not pan out, maybe its purpose was to pull us away from our previous, less fulfilling life. Most of all, we asked God for direction, he showed the way, and we trusted and followed, so everything else is history.

My point in sharing this is to encourage the dreamer, or maybe even blogger in you to go for it. If you have felt a pull and calling to do something different with your life, but comfort and fear are keeping you grounded, know that your situation will not change if you don’t start moving. The first step is sometimes the most difficult. Take that first step and gain some momentum, and then watch yourself go!
If you’ve already begun pursuing your dreams and are in the thick of it, I hope I can help reaffirm that you are going in the right direction. Have you found that maybe the dream you’re pursuing isn’t what you want after all? Use this experience as a special moment in life that led you closer to your purpose. Time invested in fulfilling dream is never time wasted.
Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll come back next week for another dose of A Little Monday Lift. Do you have a prayer request? CLICK HERE to be directed to our prayer request form.
May your days be filled with things that nurture your soul and fill your cup.

With so much love,

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Disclaimer: I do not feel that selling sewn crafts, food items, and pyramid scheme companies are impossible jobs to make a living out of, nor do I believe that you can’t live a fulfilling life doing them. Hindsight, it was just not my calling. If you are being pulled to do any of those, I hope you listen to the calling and go for it. Take that first step.

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